One recent portrait by myself.

One recent portrait by myself.


  This is Mono ( Yingyi Mo ), I come from China, currently is a student studying Industrial Design at Rochester Institute of Technology. Before this, I finished undergraduate study at China Agricultural University's Industrial Design program. Besides, I have been learning drawing and sketching for more than twenty years.

  "I love the field of design, always trying my best to explore the whole range of design. At the meanwhile, I enjoy being a lifelong learner, keeping reading, listening and asking."
  "My favorite part of design is its connection with human, which makes me believe that design is not merely a subject, but a life attitude. I wanna deliver such attitude to the world through my design works"
  "What I wanna focus on in my design career, for now, is the objects construct people's daily life, those objects people can touch, feel, use, talk about and get aftertaste."
  "I am full of experimental attitude and curiosity. I would cheer for every fresh perspective and possibility and expect to explore it." 

  To get to know me more, check my resume here.